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Hello to all my crank-sci fans..

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    Let me start by saying that I have never pursued a doctoral degree in anything, but that has not prevented me from acquiring a substantial knowledge-base of the things that interest me the most, not to mention several college graduation diplomas along the way related to the physical sciences. Along with that, over time, has come some understanding of the natural dynamics of our physical reality. I believe that if a truth is being described, that it can be done so with words, or the math is wrong. If I had a hero who wasn't me he would probably be Ismail al-Jazari (1136–1206), who can make the claim about inventing just about everything, including the cam; the segmental gear; the crankshaft and crank-slider mechanism; and so on, or Leonardo Da Vinci, who is the 1490's version of him, and who invented the bicycle chain and the oil pastel. They were also both artists. I am also a musician/musical arranger & composer.
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