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Hello, very nervous and out-of-my-depth new member here...

  1. Apr 12, 2016 #1
    Im not sure how I will be received.

    I have been looking over the forum and have been delighted and inspired by many of the things I have read here. Physics and Mathematics have always fascinated me ever since I was small, astounded that things that couldn't even be seen could be not only predicted, but proven, and I wanted to know how.

    Unfortunately, my compulsory schooling was very basic. As long as you could recite tables, do basic arithmetic and label the bits of a hydrogen atom you were doing well!

    Then along came a period of some 20 odd years of family life where there was no time to breathe let alone study! This came to an abrupt end and I found myself almost middle aged and with the same level of understanding that I had when I was at school, all those years ago. But delighted to find that the interest and passion was still there!

    I have been encouraged by my new partner to take the plunge and try and learn more, get a better understanding, and its at her suggestion that I introduce myself and say hello.

    As with many places on the internet, I am sure there will be those who will scoff and possibly ridicule me as I am right at the beginning, and will make mistakes and ask stupid questions but I know (because I have seen it) there are decent, patient and knowledgeable here who are keen to share their knowledge and are very encouraging to people further back.

    I hope that I can learn a lot here, and maybe who knows, I will be able to contribute one day!


    (Binky comes from a character in my favourite series of books about a certain Discworld)
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    I'm brand-spanking new here too Blinky, but it's nice to meet you! And I'm sure you can contribute from the beginning! Remember to teach is really the best way to learn! I assure you of that!

    I wish you a great experience here at the Physics Forums!:smile:
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