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Hello Weirdo!

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    Hi! I'm not 'new' but I thought that I should say 'hi':biggrin:
    I'm young physicist from Poland. I finished theoretical physics at Warsaw University. During my bechelor studies my interests were loop quantum gravity, I wrote my bechelor thesis about Turaev-Viro invariants (and it was more about algebraic topology than physics actually). Then, because of my dissatisfaction with the fact that many of the lectures in physics are mathematically sloppy, and my growing love to differential geometry, I turned to mathematical physics. That is: differential geometry methods in classical field theory. I didn't start my PhD studies because, well... I inherited debts after mym mom. So I have to work to pay them back. Fortunately I work as a private teacher, I teach high school students and college students, so I stay 'in shape':biggrin:

    PhysicsForums gave me a LOT of knowledge. And I'm very thankfull to all of you guys! Unfortunately I am not proficient in writing long posts in English, so most of my posts are rather short... Well, maybe I'll get fluent in that someday. Meanwhile I'll stay with writing loooong posts on polish biggest mathematical forum:wink:
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    Welcome to PF old friend! :D
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