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Hello World!

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    I am studying electronics engineering + software development + Maths advanced level + Physics Advanced Level

    I am hoping to learn from the community. If someone needs any help regarding the Engineering Field feel free to ask! ( I'm not a professional because I am still a student :P )
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Hi! I think I need some help regarding engineering so please help me, I don't know how you can reply to my thread, but please help. Thanks.
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    Yes lets see what you have and I will do my best.
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    Well I'm a high school senior and I haven't decided what to study so I read that you're studying EE un what exacto y does that consist?
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    You will find plenty of information in the Science Education forum here: https://www.physicsforums.com/forums/academic-guidance.139/

    If any of your questions are not answered, you will find a suitable thread there where you can ask, and there are some very helpful people ready to advise you.
    I hope your time here proves very informative. http://thumbnails109.imagebam.com/37332/0363e9373319108.jpg [Broken]
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    Well pretty much you will learn how components work individually, such as capacitors/resistors/transistors etc. Then you will learn mathematical formulas that allow you the calculate certain stuff within a circuit. These calculations determine how the circuit will operate, its called DC analysis or AC analysis. This is the boring part....

    Fun part: You will learn a lot of how the world really works when it comes to the electrical field to, how electricity is distributed across towns and cities. But you won't go in detail because its Electrical not Electronics. Electronics consists of a lot of programming which allow you to create and control a lot of stuff. Anything you can imagine you can do this is why I love it. There are many fields where you can expand such as a biomedical engineering, working on robotic arms for people that suffered from limb loss. Research is still being done since they are not out yet. I really can't explain the possibilities, you can either fix, design or create.

    Here are some projects I did in my free time but these aren't my videos. This is to give you a good idea:

    Other careers:
    PCB Design
    Circuit Design
    Industry Machine Design
    Industry Machine Programmer
    These jobs are the jobs I witnessed at my apprenticeship scheme, there are loads more that you can do.

    If you are into flight there are also Avionics careers.
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    Does anyone know the job outlooks for software engineers?
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    Pretty high salary
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    People, please... this forum (New Member Introductions) is only for, uh, new member introductions and a bit of personal chitchat. Please feel free to ask (and respond to) substantive questions in an appropriate forum here. More people watch those other forums, so you're more likely to get good answers there.
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