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Hello world!

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    Hello, everyone.

    My name is James and I'm currently a couple of weeks away from graduating high school. I have a burning curiosity for physics and chemistry and I hope to learn as much as I can from my time on PF. I'm all up for discussions despite being a mere high school student. I'd like to learn from others and help others if I ever get the chance.
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    Are you, by chance, also interested in Computer Sciences? Maybe it's a coincidence, but the tradition for coders is to begin by typing in "Hello world!" the very first time they begin coding.
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    Firstly, sorry for the late response, I was quite busy when I created my forum account but now I've come back to PF.

    The 'Hello world!' topic header is definitely not a coincidence! It's funny to see someone pick up on that, I didn't even realise I wrote that myself.

    I'm interested in computer science and am keen to learn about the data analysis that becomes possible with computer programming!
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