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Hello World!

  1. Jun 29, 2017 #1
    Sorry, couldn't resist :-)

    I have become a student again for career 2.0. I am having some difficulty so I was referred to seek out help on the forums. I hope that in time I will be able to contribute as much if not more than what I receive.

    Hope to see you around!
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    Welcome to PF! What are you studying?
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    Right now, my palms. I am stuck LOL

    I am taking prerequisites with hopes of entering into a computer science program. I have always been interested in programming and have done some small programs in the past. In the last few years I have been really interested in embedded systems and even made a project with a pic10 coded in ASM that gets daily use in a somewhat industrial setting. I really like to solve problems and attempt to think deeply. I need more grey matter today though...
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    Welcome to the PF. Enjoy reading and participating in the technical section of the PF. There are several subforums that should fit your interests well. :smile:

    Also, if you end up wanting help with your schoolwork, post your questions in the Homework Help section of the PF, and fill out the Template you are provided to help organize your question.
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    So are you a lumberjack ?
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    It seems like it!

    Been there and done that! Hopefully someone can help me get it sorted.
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    LOL, no. I have butchered a few in my day. It's been an avatar that I've used for a bit now. I used to do a lot of woodworking, but not as much in the last few years. Other interests, work, family obligations, etc. Its a time consuming passion though! Everything went off the tracks a few years back when I married electronics and woodworking.... that has led me back to school for a second career or at least a shot at one.
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    Ah ha.

    Well, if you like wood, you might enjoy my wood web site:

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    A lathe man -the most intoxicating and addicting of the woodworking devices ;-) I can say I never made it that far. If I did, I probably would have never made it here LOL. Perhaps when I retire ;-)

    Thanks for the link! You definitely have an interesting assortment. I like the color variations on some of the turnings. Despite it being minimum wage or less, you have quite the pedigree of sold projects, kudos!!!
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    Actually, I don't think about the bowls that much. I was pointing you to the wood site itself, but thanks. I get very mixed reviews on the bowls. My wife doesn't like them at all; she says they are "busy", which is true.

    Since you're getting into programming, perhaps you'd find this interesting:

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    LOLOL - I completely missed the lower part of the page where you hid all the woodporn o0):biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
    That quilted maple caught my eye.... reminded me that I wanted to veneer some and make drawer fronts for a tool cabinet..... ah, future projects....

    I skimmed part 1 - nicely done, BTW. I will look at part 2 in the near future. I have to continue on this classwork for now.
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