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    For such a so called "scientific" community you all are pretty biased in my view.
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    if you are referring to the religion topic i closed, it is because of the heated debates and pages of arguing that took up so much space on this site...if you aren't referring to me locking it, why don't you elaborate some on what your gripe is...
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    Whew... Baby... No Generalizations here.
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    no I'm not talking about the topic you just closed I can understand why you did it.
    I'm not too sure if it's just me, but I think the earlier members tend to almost ignore and not care about the newer members' replies. It's just a vibe a get from the physics forums I'm not pointing fingers at anyone.
    Yeah perhaps I am generalizing a bit but I feel that in general thats what is going on.
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    I usually tend to care more about the new members, since the old ones can fend for themselves. But that doesn't have anything to do with a biased scientific community though..

    It would probably be more effective to directly approach the problem by sending a PM to the involved people and state your concern, than making a wide claim like you have.. just a thought..?
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    This is not a scientific community. It is an internet message board.
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    That sounds uninspiring.. let's become a society!! The International Society of Sciences!!.. but that sounds boring..


    Giant Rationalistic Expert Grouped Society, GREG's for short :wink:

    Our motto will become: You can discuss anything at GREG's place!
    (to Greg: when can I expect my raise?)
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    I feel so...loved
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2003
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    Can you state some specific instance where this has occured...or is it just a general vibe? Does it feel that the older members here are being condescending in their (our? ) replies?
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    Happy New Year to you to.
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