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  1. May 18, 2004 #1
    hey everyone i just joined the board, my name doesn't imply anything, my real name is Dominic, i'm currently living in Edmonton Alberta Canada and i cant wait for university, i'm french so i dont understand english terminology that well which is why i retook calculus and physics in english to prepare myself for the big U. anyways have fun

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    Bien venu, Dominic!
    Je parle francais tres mal, but I just had to make use of the little I know!
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    haha good stuff, although it was jam packed with grammars errors i have learned to accept other people's efforts, please tell me what is this place all about?
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    geez, what was i thinking, i know the answer to that, i guess i'm just tired, in that case i'm out it 13:10 hours mountain time WOOT
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    jimmy p

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    w00t indeed. The only thing i can say in French is "je suis en retard". I'm not sure if I'm insulting myself though...

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    haha, you are indeed insulting yourself
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    jimmy p

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    what does it mean?
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    damn never mind i miss read, you didnt insult yourself, all you said was that you were late, if you would of insulted yourself it would be je suis retarder, what i read was je suis Un retard, haha
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