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    Hi everyone,
    A long time ago, I posted just one question here and I haven't visited since then. So I guess I am pretty new here ☺
    What's funny is that I am not a scientist at all. Currently, I work as a teacher at kindergarten
    However, I am interested in science and like learning new things. I recently purchased a physics textbook - advanced level for high school. I want to return to my old childhood passion for science which was totally ruined because of failing math at HS. My total inability to understand advanced math made me decide to study humanities.
    Now I would like to be that curious explorer and think about nature's secrets as I used to do until I was about 15.
    I am mainly interested in cosmology and quantum physics. Just on popular level, of course
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    Hi Sophia. .... :welcome:

    and indeed, welcome back!
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