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    I have registered one week ago. I have just discovered this section, so I am late to introduce myself. (Probably I will get a trophy point for this, right?)
    I am a Biology freshman in Hong Kong. Are there any members from Hong Kong? Or has anyone been to Hong Kong? I really love my homeland, despite the awful political environment.
    I didnt study Physics in high school. For academic purpose, I take an introductory physics course in this semester. I find Physics really awesome, so I bought a huge textbook and strated self-learning, learning topics or knowledge that are not covered or explained in my physics course.Self-learning is really diffficult. That's why I seek help here. Thanks all for reading my introduction. I would continue to raise questions in this forum .
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    Sorry for grammatical mistakes :D.
    My english is still not good enough.
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    Hi John Pang! http://114.imagebam.com/download/5wa4TCPPGRqpwHLjDujdyg/47294/472932662/smiley_sign_welcome.gif
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