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Hellraiser series

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    I watched Hellraiser: Bloodlines last night about the box that can open the gateway to hell. This is very interesting series and lines of movies. Anything similar to it you recalled? Scientists explore concepts of other multiverses, other brane dimensions now and it would be thrilling if gateways can be somehow open to them. In our very boring physics and LHC nowadays. It would be cool to have them open the gateway to hell and scary creatures coming from other side to haunt our scientists and the challenge to contain them. Isn't it :)
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    But if some sort of interdimensional gateway or portal had or could indeed been bridged.. would the intruders just go directly to scientists and be scrutinized and warning given worldwide... won't it they would go first victimize the most unintelligent people who won't be believed and just be taken as mental patients? If we could visit other interdimensional realm someday. Would we first seek their scientists and announce our arrival or would we do it clandestinely? I remembered watching Event Horizon but the intruders were not technologically advanced but were like hellish animals.. how would a technologically advanced intruders behave. Has any tv episode like Doc Who or Outer Limits explore this before? I think this is a good science fiction genres to explore. Has anyone read the book Event Horizon.. has it got more contents than the movie?
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    There's Torchwood, with every episode driven by something else interesting coming out of "Cardiff Roft" in the space-time continuum. (The rift also shows up in some Doctor Who episodes - and note that "Torchwood" and "Doctor Who" are anagrams)
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    by the way, the box in Hellraiser works like this, light is reflected inside the box multiple times which forms a pattern, this serves as fingerprint or password to open up (or close) portals to hell braneworld... perhaps by using spacetime manifold and combination with holographic principle and branes which uses manifold fingerprint scanner and photonic lattice codes to open up spacetime portals or bridge... I'll rewatch the portion if I have time.. what is unique in Hellraiser:Bloodlines is it occurs in a satellite high in orbit which folds into a box that engage the photonic and manifold/Malcademia mechanism.
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    here's the conversations inside at 38 minutes into this futuristic movie about the box...:

    ".. to put it simply.. it's something i want to do with mirrors and lasers.. .
    See in theory.. it possible...
    Perpetual lights...
    Trapped lights feeding of its own reflections...
    I haven't perfected the light yet...
    something's missing and I can't make it work...
    it'll go off for a few seconds.. then it will blink out"...

    then the lady demon in disguised said to the toy maker "Sometimes a few seconds are more than enough"...

    The movie has Bloodlines in the titles because generations of the bloodlines were trying to create technology to make it fully work (the smaller box is just a model).. then in the distant future.. his descendent makes a satellite that can fold into a box...

    anyway.. what is meant by "Trapped lights feeding of its own reflections..."? It's supposed to open portals to hell so I guess it can serve as password or fingerprint of some kind...

    I'll return the DVD now because i'm afraid of it.. in the book "Alien Love Bites"... Eve Lorgen mentioned a lot of victims where the entities came from portals to haunt them...
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    For your information.. many so called abductees have seen such portals opening up in their bedroom where the entities came through to terrorize them. Won't it be cool if they turn up at the LHC facility.. Our physics are very boring right now with nothing major being found out at the LHC.. perhaps its time to get the LHC haunted? I'm imagining a movie where such entities appear at the LHC and the scientists running and scratching their heads.. lol! To get these entities at LHC, they need to allow occultists who can conjure up spells which can open up the portals.. spells are like codes or open sesame.. then all the hidden dimensions they are looking for can all pop up (with the entities coming also).. this is when our physics would become very interesting!

    I need movies like this where it's realistic.. our movies are also pretty boring...
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    I can't decide whether the correct response is "Did you not hear about the Higgs boson?" or "boo frigging hoo".
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    Hellraiser was, IIRC, one of the earliest of the "sadism genre". Saw, Saw IC, Hostel, etc., have always made me wonder WTF.
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    The Surgeons from Witch Doctor mal practice comic books.
    The Mist by Stephen King has *some* similarity, too.
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