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Homework Help: Helmet project

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    i have to do this project where i have to compare and contrast a Baseball helmet and a Rock climbing helmet and describe how each is appropriately designed to its use.
    - have to make reference to each of Sir Isaac Newtons 3 laws
    - describe how force is minimized
    - describe several features of the helmet's design specific to its purpose

    im having a tough time finding information and just basically understanding physics so far so i would appreciate it greatly for any input to the above project.
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    i kinda know how to connect it to Newtons 3 laws but i am supposed to come up with 2 pages of info, how much is there to say?
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    Try giving quantative answers. Such as comparing the forces of sum one falling on their head and a baseball hitting sumones head. It may also be appropriate to talk about impulses.
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