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Help 3ph motor

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    I have just replaced an inverter driven 3ph motor and wired it the same as the old one, it runs (cogs) backwards and is noisy.

    The motor is 230 v 3ph, it has 6 wires, yellow, black, white, violet, blue and brown.
    testing with ohm meter i have 45 ohms between yellow- black, white-violet
    and blue- brown.
    so i connected as yellow- white, violet- brown, blue- black, this should give me a delta circuit, testing on volts the readings are equal between the three terminals, what is wrong???
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    I think all you need to do is switch two phases to reverse the direction of rotation.

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    I havn't played with one of those since school.
    IIRC getting the colors backward will cause problems like that. I think the high side colors are black, violet, and blue. Since you seem to be using yellow, white, and blue then running backward and cogging sounds about right.

    School was a really long time ago
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    Motor data plate

    Please supply more data plate information. In most industrial applications a six lead three phase motor is one of the following:
    1.) Star Delta start (two or three contactors needed depending if it is open or closed transistion)
    2.) Part winding start (two contactors needed)
    3.) Two speed motor (three contactors needed)
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    For a Star Delta start you need three contactors for open transition and four contactors for closed transistion. While I doubt you have this type of motor because of the ohms you measured it could be a two speed motor.:frown:
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