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Help 555 timer problem

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    [SOLVED] help 555 timer problem

    hi all, i am designing a 555 on astable mode. it is designed to operate at 100kHz with a duty cycle of 95% ( and i get 48Khz and duty cycle 93.5%).

    i calculated all the values necessary:

    Ra = 12.987 kOhm
    Rb = 721.5 Ohm
    C = 1nF
    F = 1.44/ ((Ra + 2Rb)*C)

    i used thes formulas :

    tH = 0.693*(Ra + Rb)*C
    tL = 0.693*(Rb)*C

    T = tH + tL

    i searched everywhere and found out the max frequency is 500Khz so im not sure where the problem is....i need the 100kHz because i am designing an infrared modulator and the central frequency for my filters is 100kHz

    can anyone help me thanks.
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    1nF is a bit small, capacitors this small aren't very accurate and the effects of stray and gate capacitance start to matter, you might want to redesign it with at least 10nF.
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    just tested with 10n and 100n ...got 40Khz this time....ive double checked everthing.

    i just simulated it on multisim and i got 45.9kHz ....but by my calculations it should be 100kHz

    any ideias? i think this is very odd
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    the multsim 555 design wizard is not correct. there is a problem with it... in the lab i changed the IC (it was a bit damaged) and i managed to adjust it to my desired frequency / dutycycle.

    btw.... thanks for trying to solve my problem
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