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Help: a phd in physics in EU, what to study and where

  1. Dec 31, 2009 #1
    Hi everybody,
    first of all my best wishes for the new year coming to everybody :)
    I'm from Italy and attending the last year of a MsC in physics, right now working on
    my Master thesis about effective field theories and bound state in qed/qcd.
    My actual supervisor is a quite big name for what concerns feynman graphs calculations, perturbative expansions etc, he spent his whole life calculating, calculating and calculating, and i'm learning a lot with him. But now that the moment of choosing a phd is approaching i'm quite confused. A part of me is really pleased with what i'm studying now, which seems to be more "grounded" than most of the "modern physics" (string theory, holographic principle, loop gravity, etc), but another part of me would be really disappointed with this sort of "giving up" to the hottest problems in modern physics.
    This long introduction because i'm looking forward to speaking with someone who knows more than me about these issues just to have some different opinions. This is strictly connected with the choise of where to have my phd.
    In this moment i have two main possibilities which are "TUM" in munich, Germany, about EFT, and University of Zurich, always about EFT or high order feynman loops calculations...

    so my question is:
    1) first of all what do you think about these 2 universities? what's better in your opinion?
    2) do you know any other universities where these topics are treated?
    3) a more general question: what do you think about string theory/loop gravity and all these new (or not that new) theories which in 10/20 years have not given yet any measurable result?
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