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Help about time

I have this research about:

-why 60 as chosen as the number of seconds in a minute and of minutes in an hour;

-and the possible consequences if the earth rotates more slowly, for example, once in 30 hours.

Please...any sort of help will do...I don't really know where to find the answers to this question and I tried to go here so...^^am counting on you guys..thanks in advance. ^_^
Ask the Babilonians, anyway: 10=2x5, whereas 60=2x2x3x5.

For the second question, I think the best way is to study relative motions in non inertial frames, the Earth (apparent forces, relative velocity of the Winds, trajectory of a falling body, pendulums, ecc...), and related biological implications.
Then you should go on to consider Earth in his relationship with Sun, referring both to mechanical problems and radiation-thermodynamical ones.
It could be interesting to consider the reasons for this slowing down.
hey thanks for your post Maxos, it did a lot of help. :blushing: :wink:
If the earth rotates slowly then gravity at equator increases and at poles remains the same.Increase in gravity every once in 30 seconds would lead to long term affects.

thank you for appreciating

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