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Homework Help: Help! Aero Dynamics of a Ball

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    Im stuck with an IB extended essay I dont understand at all. :mad: Im investigating the relationship between the mass of two soccer balls and the rebound height the top ball reaches when both balls fall from a fixed height. My way of adding mass to the balls is pretty crude, some tape and some weights. What kind of errors am i looking at ?
    Im also noticing a very uneven relationship between restitution and the mass added. Does arrangement of the added masses have anything at all to do with the rebound height?
    Does sticking tape alter the balls compression? Can it alter spin ?
    How does spin affect the rebound height?
    Please do try answering some of my questions! Ill be really grateful.
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    Do the experiment and find out.
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    I've already done the experiment ...
    My Hypothesis and experimental data dont match
    I was looking for some potential errors thats all .. and Im sure the crudely attached weights affected my readings a lot? But how?
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    Did you plot the data and look for any trends? Did you run a control to compare against? Don't match by how much?.

    You should spend more time looking over what the data is telling you.
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    The tape and the weights could affect the restitution. Couldn't you use different balls, like a basketball and a soccer ball?

    Are you measuring the peak height of both balls after the bounce? The top ball will bounce the highest when the bottom ball never leaves the ground.
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    to reduce the "crudeness" of your design and the aerodynamic problems that pose when attatching heavier weights on this ball.

    i suggest you do your experiment again but using a basket-ball size ball so you can put things into it. then secure them to the bottom. then launch. this wouldent change the air resistnace or shape of your "ball" because all the weights are on this inside.

    im no physicist but i think it would work.
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