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HELP Answer pls ^^

  1. Jul 25, 2007 #1
    HELP!!! Answer pls ^^

    a tube train covers 432m from rest to rest in 1 minute. It first accelerates 1/3 m/s2 then goes uniformly and finally retards at 1 m/s2. Find the time taken in each of the three stages of the journey.

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    We don't just give out answers here, sorry. We help with homework. We do not do homework. I already made it through intro physics! In order to get help on this forum you are going to have to show some work, sorry. It's the rules. You must have know SOMETHING about the problem. If your that stuck with finding an equation to use, list what you know and what you want to find and find an equation that has those quantities in it. Give me your thoughts on the problem at least. I need something in order to best know what is stumping you.

    Also, There is a special forum for homework questions, please post your future homework questions there.
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    Sorry new at this ^^ won't happen again : )
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    Fair enough. Now, can you list the relevant kinematic equations that you should use for this problem? How should you apply them?
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