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Help: Bird stuck in my garage

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    I had the garage door cracked open slightly, so that's how he got in. I have now opened the door fully, but he can't seem to find his way out. He flies to the back of the garage, perches on a box as if he's preparing to make a run for it. But when he flies toward the exit, he perches on the garage door (is this just a reflex he can't control?). I can't think of anything to do, so I'm just leaving him alone with the door wide open in hopes that he will eventually calm down and fly out. Is that the right way to go about it? I really need him out before my mom gets home and freaks out. She freaks when a frog hops in the garage, so I know she won't like this.
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    Can you get close enough to the bird to throw a light fabric over it? The bird will probably be easier to catch and release that way. A dark-colored cotton shirt would be great.
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    I'll have to look around. I had contemplated throwing an old shirt on him, but he pretty much stays hid between the garage door and the ceiling. So I would have to try to hit him with it while he's flying. He's already pretty excited and, naturally, pooping all over the place.

    UPDATE: While I was looking around for my dark green cotton T-shirt, the bird apparently collected his thoughts and flew out. Now I just have a little cleaning to do. Thanks for your suggestion, Turbo-1. :biggrin:
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    I would put some bread crumbs on a plate, then put the plate about 2 feet outside of the garage door. Then walk away, the less he sees of you, the better the odds he will leave on his own.
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    That's what did the trick in the end. I put my cat's food bowl, which is what the birds were after anyway, just outside the garage while I went to look for the T-shirt. The combination of the tempting food and me not being there to make him nervous was all he needed. thanks :)
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    i had a hummingbird get in my apartment once. turns out, they can't see in the dark. when the sun went down, i reached up to the bookshelf and caught him in my hand. i set him outside on the deck, where he sat all night til the sun came up.
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    butterfly net
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    OP solved.
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