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HELP! Building a house!

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    Hi there, could someone "please" help me with a Q regarding weight loading of a steel beam.

    I wish to remove a post over my verandah which would leave a span of 7110mm, The verandah comes out 2.4m, and has steel rafters 1800mm apart with steel roof batterns and will have a corugated iron sheets as the roof. I have a steel beam 75X150 and is 5mm thick (oh its 8 mtrs at the moment but will cut it to 7110mm). Will this beam support this span, how do i work out how much that steel beam will hold in weight? Please i am not that good at maths and would appreciate some help out there!

    Thanks JC
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    Sorry, we don't give that kind of advice here - it is illegal. You need a licensed structural engineer look at the issue.
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