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Help!! Calibration rig

Hi guys,
i'm new to engineering and currently, my school gave us a project to measure the lift, drag and moment forces acting on the aerofoil at various angle, but we need to do a calibration on the load cell which we will be using. But, how to we add weight on the moment axis to calibrate the moment force? we can only add weights on the x and y axis to calibrate the lift and drag forces right??

Thank in advance and sorry for my bad english :shy:


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I'm sorry, but I dont understand your picture. A photograph of the setup would be more helpful. Also, don't say 'moment force' - it's simply moment.
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opps..sorry that was a rough sketch on the calibration rig that we are going to construct...

My lecturer told us to add weights on the drag, lift and moment axis and the computer should pick up the exact forces acting on the axis.

so we added weights on the x axis for the drag and y axis for the lift but how to we add weights on the moment axis which will be turning?

( erm... do we need to follow the direction of the forces? can we add weight on the Z axis instead of the moment axis?)
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All I can say is think of how your test article is attached to the load cell. Now take a step back and think of how you can achieve the same loads but with a dead weight.

If you post a better picture of what the mount structure looks like we can can get into more in depth help.

When we calibrate torque meters and such, it gets as simple as a bar with a weight on the end. You just have to make sure you are loading the cell properly. I am assuming that you have a different transducer for the moment since it's usually not good practice to load a standard load cell in any direction other than it's main axis.

Please post a better picture.
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I managed to find the picture of the load cell from the net..


And these are taken from my school...



Hope this helps....