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Help: Career Advice needed

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    Help: Career Advice needed!!!

    Hi guys
    I am from India

    I did my 3year - Bachelors in Computer Science (ended April 2007) from University of Pune
    I have been working since...

    But my desire remains to study theoretical physics and do a PhD in it...
    Right now I am planning to change my career and go into what I've always wanted, theoretical physics!!!

    Anyone know of any courses, or programs, where they'll allow me to do Masters in Physics in India or Abroad, (considering my background in computer science)

    Are there any chances of me, pursuing a career in physics, at all ?
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    While you are looking for a suitable course, you might have a look at some free online ressources for prospective theoretical physicists, compiled by Nobel laureate t' Hooft:


    Browsing through the material might give you an idea whether you really want to pursue this career (I don't forsee any problems for you, just make sure that this is what you really want)
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    Re: Help: Career Advice needed!!!

    Thanks for the link Oberst :)

    If I learn physics at home itself, and then publish any paper will I be recognized ?
    I know it depends upon what, and where I publish, But will regular college physicists have more advantage than me when it comes to publishing papers?

    Sorry for my poor english... :)
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    Vanadium 50

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    Re: Help: Career Advice needed!!!

    "Regular college physicists" have a huge advantage in coming up with something publishable - they have learned the state of the art (or should have), along with where interesting extensions may lie, and probably have somewhat more experience with the mechanics of submission.
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    Re: Help: Career Advice needed!!!

    ok so if i plan to study at home, how long do you think will it take to digest all of physics till the Masters level ?

    Or should I concentrate my study onto some specific field ?
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