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Help choosing a thesis

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    I need help in choosing a thesis. As of now, I'm still exploring. I want a topic that has sufficient prior work for me to write a good paper and research on but not too much as if it was overdone.

    My interest is around Web 2.0 applications and its evolution of the internet. I know the area is quite broad and general but it'll be helpful if anyone can start throwing in ideas and topics so I can check them out. I'm looking for practical ideas and topics and not so much theoretical.

    Again, I'm not looking for a specific topic, just some topics in this subject to explore. I'm not getting much out of google :(
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    In what context? Computing science? Sociological effects? Psychology? Neural networks? Mathematical modeling?
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    Not to be overly negative here, but Web 2.0 is a buzz word. It is ill defined and can mean anything you want it to. Explaining "Web 2.0 applications and its evolution of the internet" is much the same as explaining how "Next Generation" products revolutionized the economy.

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