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Help choosing referees

  1. Jan 9, 2012 #1
    Hi, i am from Peru and i want to a play to graduate program in UK. I still havent made up my mind on which program i want. (probably something related to robotics and mechanical engineering)

    My question is, in my country, it is not requiered for teachers in a university to have PHD's altough some of them have.
    Should i only get letters of recommendations from PHd's? a lot teachers dont have a phd but i have a very good relationship with them.

    Also, if i wanted to take a course in robotics, can i get a letter of recommendation from my stochastic simulator or operation research teacher? (i was his best student).

    I am pretty lost, any suggestions on how to pick them would be good.

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    You're limited to teachers who know you and like your work. Get the best teachers to speak up for you. The fact that they teach college is probably more important and speaks more loudly than having a PhD title.

    Maybe a school advisor can send in a note on your behalf describing the overall difficulty college students of Peru have in getting PhD level recommendations.
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