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Help choosing Schools to Apply to

  1. Dec 21, 2008 #1

    I really have no idea which grad schools to apply too...I'm a junior interested in particle physics....any recommendations? I know Ohio State is a good program that seems reasonable, and UMich is a great program that I probably couldn't get into....

    About me:
    Physics GRE: haven't taken it yet, about 700-750 on practice exams
    Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh, majors in physics and math, minor in chem
    GPA: general over 3.6, physics around 3.5
    Research: 2 REUs over summers, 2 years work in particle physics at Pitt during the years
    Other: 3 semesters teaching experience (TA)
    GRE General: haven't taken it yet, close to 800 on math in practice (obviously), around 650 on verbal, 5.5 on writing

    Still a year left, most important thing to improve?
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