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Homework Help: HELP! concepts in free fall

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    HELP! PLEASE concepts in free fall

    an object is thrown upwards, at the top of the path it has
    a) zero acceleration
    b) maximum momentum
    c) maximum kE
    d) is at equillibrium
    e)none of the above

    i know accelarion is 9.8m/s^2
    i also know is not KE since at the top is potential
    im confused of the other two
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    (b) momentum is [tex]p=mv[/tex] what is [tex]v[/tex] at the top of the path?

    (d)if an object is in equilibrium, then the net force on it will be zero....is the net force on this object zero?
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    the question was just an statement askin what does free fall have at the highest point on top of the path
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