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Help - Confusion acid-base equilibrium in water

  1. Jan 24, 2014 #1
    Help -- Confusion acid-base equilibrium in water

    I have been reading about the acid-base equilibrium in water. I dont understand what my book explains however. The theory may be information lacking(in my opinion). Because Ive read it so many times I just decided to rewrite everything exactly from my book! I also "rewrote" 2 examples after the theory. I am also confused about what they try to accomplish in the examples. I figure they try to set up the reaction of the acid-base equilibrium in water. In the second example they marked H3O+ & OH- in red, I dont know what that means though. Then next to "simplified" they let H3O+ react with NH3. How do I know whether H3O+ reacts with NH3 or with OH-? And why is it H3O+ that reacts with NH3 and not for example Cl- that reacts with H20 or NH4+?

    Im really confused with this material in my book & cant get out of it no matter what. Can anyone please help me?

    Thanks in advance!


    Example 1:


    Example 2:

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