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Help creating graphs, number lines, etc and formatting them into a larger document

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    I want to write my math homework electronically. I need to make graphs, number lines and intervals, geometric/trigonometic figures, and other sorts of graphics, and I need them to align well with the problems they solve. See below

    1. [Homework problem solved out step by step]
    [graph or other visual representation]
    2. [Homework problem solved out step by step] [inequality represented as an interval on a number line]
    3. etc

    I've learned some LaTeX but it's been quite overwhelming. I'm willing to continue but I do not know how to make the kinds of visual representations that I need, and I don't know where to begin to learn. Could someone help with that? Or could some make any recommendation as to another program or method to electronically write graphic-heavy homework?
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    Re: Help creating graphs, number lines, etc and formatting them into a larger documen

    I personally use Mathematica for this type of thing. It is easy to learn, and has great graphics capability. The biggest drawback is that it is not free, so if you don't have access through school you would need to buy it, although student copy is not too expensive. If you want free software, the Python programming language, with the MatPlotLib plotting package is pretty good, and I use it often. Others probably have other software favorites.
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