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Help!:cry: Generators

  1. May 23, 2005 #1

    I am supposed to design a hand driven AC generator. I kinda know how to do it. You just have some sort of coil and you rotate it in a magnetic field. Thats all good but for analysis part I am required to give specific information information about no of loops of the coil and total energy out including voltage and and current stuff. So far I havent found anything linking coil loops with voltage/current output etc. All I have managed to find, well I got it off a seminar that since more photovoltic cells => more voltage and less current. Therfore more coil loops=> more voltage and less current.
    This is where I need help with. I need something that relates coil loops etc with Voltage and current output in a constant field.

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    kool...farady's laws...flux and stuff...coil l in mgf B etc...its all coming back...just another question on that....

    If I was to store X joules of energy from it to a battery? how would I do it?
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