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Help datasheet

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    Help.. datasheet plz

    Hello Everyone...
    I got this electronic device of a machine control unit, I cant manage to find any information about this device. The label says " MSC 03906GRF - 0043 ", the symbol of the device is attached, plz if anyone has any information or where to get datasheets you will really help me... thanks alot for you time.

    SCHNiTZER :confused:

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    Yeah, google wasn't very helpful. It kind of looks like a triac, which would fit with the machine control aspect, but the symbol looks a little messed up. Can you show us more of the schematic?
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    Well i have no schematic... I was asked to find out some info about this device.. I looked everywhere but i couldnt find anything, i checked my electronic devices & design books... My uni. notes... i couldnt find anything similar to it.. Iv never seen such symbol.. Anyways, Thank you berkeman for the reply... & Id be thankfull if anyone can give me any hint about it... Thanks Alot
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    My best guess would be an SCR. We could probably tell you for sure if we seen how it is placed in the schematic.
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    Yeah, a badly drawn SCR or triac. Schnitzer, do you have a real example of the physical device? If so, how many connections does it have? How big is it? Can you do a little testing on it to see if it acts like an SCR? If so, then somebody just botched the schematic symbol, and the top output line should be coaxial with the bottom anode input line. Check out what a real SCR symbol looks like, and test the device if you can.
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