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Help deciding summer classes.

  1. Mar 12, 2010 #1
    Hi all, I am 31 years old, and have decided to go back to school to get a second degree(My first degree was in Political Science) in Math. I tested into Intermediate Algebra. We are about half way through the clas and I have an almost a perfect average. I would like some advice about condesed summer courses. The community college I am going to offers either two 5 week course, or one 8 week course. Here are my two options.

    1. Take College Algebra & Trig over the 8 week session and start Calculus 1 in the fall.

    2.Take College Algebra & Trig in the first 5 week session, and Calculus 1 in the second 5 week session, then Calculus 2 in the fall.

    I would not be working or taking any other classes, so I would be able to devote alot of time to studying. The flip side is I don't want to rush the foundation that the rest of my Math skills wil be built on. As I stated I am 31 so it would be nice to play catch up.


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    If this is your first time taking Calculus, I would NOT recommend starting in an intensive summer session. The "calculations" and work is not hard but you will come up against new concepts that will take time to sink in properly. Do not rush an entirely new subject.
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