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Help Decrypting this Code

  1. Apr 10, 2010 #1
    The code below refers to a location on our campus. I need help trying to go about decoding it.

    K4LI41H4II3131I4FJ4LF 4FLLBD4DIBHK9IHH3G6 I=9, Q=8, Z=O

    1) Involves math to solve
    2) There is a no character for space
    3) D=D
    4) Numbers have something to do with pi
    5) Involves the number 42
    6) P = J

    Contributions on helping me figure this out would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's two doors down on the right, but I think they're cleaning it now.
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    Ok sorry but, the orginal code was wrong and has been corrected to:


    and also, this new code: I4HH3J 3L 195K4HHB L3I 4KB 032 LBFL 4J3F 9
    also has to be solved.

    @Jimmy Snyder
    how did you get "two doors to the right..."????????
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    which campus?

    Well, I=9 makes sense on a simple substitution with numbers, i.e; A=1, B=2, etc...but then Q breaks that rule.

    First guess was subtracting the letter value from 42, i.e 42-K, where K=11 does equal 31, which if you sub 31 for K in the first code, the first it starts to read 314, pi=3.14, but haven't gotten anything else to work out.
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    Take the red pill or dont. It is your choice. . .
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    Was this ever decrypted?
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