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Help Deriving Trajectory of Water out of Pipe

  1. Apr 1, 2009 #1
    I suppose this is also related to thrust vectors.

    I have a Y pipe with two exit nozzles. These exit nozzles are angled 43.75 degrees from the vertical and are at a radius of .1968m from the vertical. These nozzles have a deflector that can move from 0 degrees (fully open), to 90 degrees (fully closed) [which would make the water angle move from 43.75 degrees when open to -46.25 degrees when fully closed.
    These deflectors are mounted on collars which rotate around the pipe nozzle from angles 0 to 90 degrees.

    I need to calculate the coverage area for all angles, deflector and collar rotation, with respect to various heights above a pool. I am having a real problem calculating the initial velocity vector and how that relates to a coverage radius. I am not currently worried about frictional or momentum loss in the fluid upon contact with the deflector. I guess this is mostly a geometry problem with a little bit of constant acceleration thrown in.

    Anyone have any suggestions on finding the initial velocity vector of the water and how that relates to the final landing point?

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