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Help Determining Molecular Formula

  1. Sep 24, 2008 #1
    The question is as follows:
    Gallium Oxide GaxOy forms when gallium is combined with oxygen. Suppose you allow
    1.25 grams of gallium (Ga) to react with O2 and obtain 1.68 g of GaxOy. What is the formula of the product?
    Can you explain how to solve this problem any help is appreciated, thank you.
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    What mass of th e1.68g of GaxOy comes from gallium? How many moles does that correspond to? How much of the mass comes from oxygen? How many moles of oxygen atoms does that correspond to?
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    Thank you for the help but can you please explain how to start it off fully, I tried to solve it but messed something up and got an answer that was not even close to the actual. As long as you explain how to start it off I should be able to do the rest myself. Thank you
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    Someone please help this is important work:(
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    Follow precisely Ygg steps. Write here what you did, and we will help you straighten things out.
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