Help disabling boot manager

I recently installed Windows 7 Beta on my computer, however I have encountered a problem. Every time my computer starts up the boot manager immediately comes up and gives me the option to either choose Windows 7 or an earlier version of Windows. I want to get rid of the boot manager and have it directly load into Windows 7.

I had someone tell me to set the default OS to Windows 7 and set the time to choose an OS to 0 under start up options but when I did that, for some reason it went to the earlier version of windows. At the same time, I deleted all files from my previous windows installation so whenever it boots into a previous version of windows I receive a blue error screen and my computer immediately shuts down.

Does anyone have any suggestions to get rid of the listing of the previous windows on the boot manger? Also I would like to get rid of the boot manager on start up all together.

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