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Help! Distance between Mu lep & Nihal?

  1. May 21, 2004 #1
    "Dammit Jim! I'm a writer, not a stellar cartographer!"

    Doin some homework for a SF story.
    I badly need to know the approximate distance between Mu Leporis and Nihal.

    Also useful:
    Distance from Sol to Mu Lep, distance from Sol to Nihal, warnings about any known odd ball physical effects or interstellar objects between Mu Lep and Nihal that shouldn't be overlooked in a chapter covering a trip between those two stars.
    My impression is that there's no reason to expect a trip between Nihal and Mu Lep would involve passing through any known physical obstacles, that left uncovered in such a story, could quickly get my :-) "undying prose" covered by the remains of a knowledgeable reader’s lunch

    Tx in advance for any help...
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    been there lately?

    Nihal (Beta Leporis) is about 172 lightyears away from us.
    Mu Leporis is 175 lightyears away, but not exactly in the same direction.
    If you want to know the approximate distance between these two stars, then it will be a bit harder to compute.
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    lucky for you i have a math test soon...

    The two stars should be 17.83 lightyears apart (drop the .83, it's not accurate anyway)
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