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Help drawing a cap screw

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    So I'm trying to draw a "½”-13 UNC x 1-1/2” long round head cap screw with hex nut and plain flat washer" and this is what I came up with. How do I draw it with the hex nut and the plain flat washer? What does it look like?
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    I did some google image searches on these terms:
    cad drawing nut washer
    cad screw nut washer
    drawing screw nut washer​
    Here are some things that turned up:

    Scroll down to "Nuts and Washers" here

    ( ↑ at http://www.jayespace.com/engineering/chapter-hxq.html )





    Hope that helps!

    p.s. I have replaced your wide image with a link to the image, since the wide image messes up the view of this discussion by requiring a horizontal scrollbar to read the text.
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    Also, several manufacturers and suppliers offer free downloadable CAD images of their fasteners. McMaster-Carr has a good selection, and the CAD files are available in a variety of formats.
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