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Homework Help: HELP . easy-ish question

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    i know this is easy but i can't seem to get it.

    the graph given is a velocity-time graph, at t=0s it's at 12m/s, constantly slowing down to -4m/s at 4seconds.

    0--|-- 12m/s
    4--|--- (-4m/s)

    what is the displacement at t=1s, t=2s, t=3s, and t=4s ?

    GIVEN: at t=0s it is 10m.
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    Hello and welcome to PF.

    You should read the posting guidelines: this is homework which should go in the homework section. I will displace the post. But in the homework section, you should show some work by yourself before you get help...
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    Welcome! Tell us if you know of any formulas that can relate displacement (just plain distance is this particular case), a "rate" (velocity), and time.

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