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HELP! Electrical malpractices

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    I have a project where I need to research and report on an Electrical Engineering malpractice. Basically, where the engineer faulted the design.

    I can't find anything with any amount of information. Anyone have any ideas or topics? I was thinking of the California blackouts but there isn't any information online. Other people in my class are doing the NASA shuttle failures. I need a different topic.
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    Thanks, there seems to be good information on this!
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    Electrical Engineering malpractice? This almost sounds redundant...

    And could you include software in Electrical Engineering? As basically, introducing software somewhere is a malpractice by itself.

    You could take as an example all software that malfunctioned due to the unexpected occurrence of the year 2000. Or software being sold today but which can't accept over 4GB of RAM nor over 2TB of hard disk.
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