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Homework Help: Help entropy question

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    An aluminum bar of mass 2.00 kg at 300 degrees C is thrown into a lake. The temperature of the water in the lake is 15.0 degrees C; the specific heat capacity of aluminum is 900 J/(kg* K).

    The bar eventually reaches thermal equilibrium with the lake. What is the entropy change DeltaS_lake of the lake? Assume that the lake is so large that its temperature remains virtually constant.
    Express your answer numerically in joules per kelvin.

    The change in Q of the Lake, heat absorbed by the lake is = 5.13*10^5 J

    When there is a heat transfer of change in Q to a substance at constant temperature T, the entropy change DeltaS of the substance is given by
    \Delta S={\Delta Q}/{T},
    where T is absolute temperature.
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    Chi Meson

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    Where's the problem? You have the Q, you can get the T (temp in Kelvins of the lake) and you have the equation ∆S=Q/T.
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