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Homework Help: Help Fast Need An Experiment

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    Heres the scenario there was a pool of liquid on the table it was one of those hot days when the air is uncomfortable and sticky,

    TASK plan experiment to find out weather differences in relative humidity influences how much water collects on the outside of a metal can.

    WHat is the best way to do this???? I HAVE NOOO IDEA major project due tomorrow PLEASE HELP ME!!!! :cry:

    Relative humdity will make condensation when it is at 100 percent this is what I know what is the task even askin me to do? PLZ HELP my little brothers WORK PLEASE I HAVE NO IDEA!!! HELP. I need to write a report with an independant variable and dependant variable and control.
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    Looks pretty straightforward to me. Of course, it can't be done in one day- you will need to do this on a number of different days with differing relative humidity.

    Record the relative humidity then place your metal can in a dry bowl and let it sit!
    At the end of the day, you will (hopefully) find some water in the bowl and some on the can. Here's the tricky part- you want to get all that water (and it won't be much) into a beaker or test tube so you can measure its volume. You may need to carefully shake the can or use a glass rod to run the water off the can into the bowl. I would recommend a glass bowl since I think that will be easier to get all the water out of.

    I would have recommended sitting the can in the beaker to begin with except that I suspect a large enough beaker to fit the can would not give a very good measure for that little water.
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    I saw an experiment like this online and it was using ice in the can (half full with water) See to get relative humidity u need temperature and dew point, to get the dew point we were gonna put ice into the can until dew formed, but i guess this is incorrect and wont work. Hallsofivy u didnt tell me exactly what i have to do I still am not sure will the can be full of water (what temp is this water?) Also I was thinking that if the water inside of the can is measured b4 doing the experiment and then after then we can find the difference and that will tell us the amount of condensation.

    The relative humidity is what is throwing us off does anyone have some idea on how to do this? Can u please explain?

    I also need a control, independant and dependant variable along with a theisis.
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