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Help! File won't open:

  1. Aug 21, 2005 #1
    I'm using Windows XP, and it comes with its own unzipping program.
    I'm trying to unzip an ACE file...but when I click "Open With", the option to "unzip it"...treat it as a ZIP file...is not there!! No option even there!

    Instead...I just a get a useless list of all my desktop programs. Where is the Windows XP "ZIP" program...where is it located, so I can open this file ? I tried to associate ACE with ZIP files...and no! No option shown on the screen for doing so! However, I can make it an .exe file...which is really useless here, for example. But how do I open it as a ZIP file?..there is no option shown on the screen to do so!

    :cry: Any help??
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    Windows XP has its own unzipping utility...
    and WinRar costs $$$
    I'm just trying to find the location of the WinXP unzip program (that comes w/WinXP)..so I can finally unzip that file...
    But the option doesn't appear! Why not?
    Are there files for which WinXP inherently doesn't want to give an unzip option
    when people scroll through "Open With..."? (b/c it works for other files!)
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    quickzip and powerarchiver here.

    -- AI
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    I don't think Win XP compression features can deal with .ace files. As far as I'm aware it can only handle .zip files. You need WinRAR for .ace files. You can get it as a trial version.

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    Windows XP only decompresses .zip files...Just get the trial version of Winrar
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    the trial version of winrar will not run out, I use it all the time to zip and unzip files.
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    does 7-zip deal with that extension? it is a gpl project and the binary is free.
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