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Help finding a Mentor in Aerospace Engineering

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    My name is Eugene Joseph, and I am currently a sophomore at St.Francis Prep in Fresh Meadows, New York. I am enrolled in a program which is called Science Research.

    Science Research is a class in which we register within our freshman year and in which we develop an understanding of what type of research we want to pursue.
    In our sophomore year, we begin pursuing our research in more depth, and we attempt to find a mentor who can help us pursue our reseach. Then over the summer of sophomore year, we design an experiment based on the previous research that we have conducted.
    In our junior and senior years we conduct the experiment, or the overall project, and we send a paper explaining the project to various organizations and contests. One honor, which many who have joined the program hope to achieve, is possibly being selected as a finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search.
    The research which I am currently doing is in aerospace and aeronautical engineering. I believe I would be able to develop a further a concept that was previously created. I have read numerous physics books and countless professional articles. I have also read many college level books in rocket science as well.
    Currently, I need help obtaining a mentor, located in the New York City area, in order to do research. If anyone can provide me information in contacting one, perhaps providing me with their services, or any possible direction I could take in aeronautics research that may be more productive, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance.
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    I don't know any adress.

    But maybe you want to share with us your desired topic of research.
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