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I Help Finding a Paper on TSQM?

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    A ways back I was reading something on Aharanov's flavor of QM, Time Symmetric Quantum Mechanics (TSQM), which referenced an upcoming paper. To be covered in that paper was the following.

    It's been mentioned that within TSQM there are three seemingly mutually exclusive "principles"

    (1) Genuine Free Will (of the scientist to choose what he/she measures, or what questions he/she asks)
    (2) Cause and Effect
    (3) A Subtle type of Retrocausality.

    Supposedly, what they have shown is that for these three principles to exist harmoniously, nature must appear probabilistic at some level. It's a retort to Einsten, "THIS is why God plays dice with the Universe!". I thought this was super-profound, but this paper has been a LONG time coming, or maybe I have missed it. Supposedly, Jeff Tollaksen's pHD thesis also covered this topic, but I can't find a copy of that, either.

    Here is a video where Tollaksen talks about this, just make sure to click on the free will area with his name and the video will come up.


    So, does anybody know of a paper, or papers, that specifically cover this? I guess I could try Tollaksen/Aharanov, but thought I would try here first.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Thanks guys

    I've read this before and it's the closest I've seen to something being spelled out, without actually quite doing so. You'll notice they repeatedly reference (with the "we have shown" elsewhere kind of thing) Jeff Tollaksen's PhD Thesis, as I mentioned above, i.e. reference [32].

    Would still love to see something that brings it altogether with the mathematical details included.
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