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Help finding an op-amp

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    Hey everyone,

    Whelp, I've had this project dancing around in the back of my mind for a good six months now and I'm here to ask for some help. I'd like to build this biofeedback device from an old issue of Popular Electronics:

    The problem I'm running into is that the op-amps (Signetics N5556) are old and just about impossible to find. I've checked all of the electronics outlets I can think of for them, and the other parts were easy enough to source. Does anyone have a link to a shop that would carry something obscure like this? Barring that, could anyone suggest a substitute that's readily available?

    I'm just a hobbyist that enjoys building weird things so I apologize if this is a goofy question. Any expert advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
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    Simply use TL071 instead of N5556.
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    There are many choices that would likely work, because this was a fairly crude technology. The TL071 is probably good. Otherwise, I'd suggest an OPA277, which has fairly close characteristics and is based upon the same technology.
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