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Help finding Literature Sources (Solubility of Potassium Nitrate)

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    I am typing up a lab report for an introductory chemistry course. Basically we determined the entropy and enthalpy for the dissolution of potassium nitrate in water. The exp. values I found are close to each other but I'm supposed to compare to literature sources and I'm finding frustratingly that it takes more time to find a source than to type the paper.

    I can't find any handbooks that have this data and I don't know how to search the literature for this, it's just too specific because I have to have the thermodynamic data under similar conditions. The temperatures were in the 300-330 Kelvin Range, my exp. values are:
    186.31 J/K*mol 48.244kJ/mol
    186.04J/K*mol. 48.158kJ/mol.

    Any tips or help would be appreciated.
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