Help fix my PF view please.

  1. turbo

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    Maybe I'm just punchy from trying to migrate my data and apps to Win7 all day, but I can't figure out how to get back to the default view in PF. When I bring up PF, the background is a light olive color, darker near the top of the screen and lighter toward the bottom. :confused:
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  3. Greg Bernhardt

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    can you post a screen capture?
  4. turbo

    turbo 7,366
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    I think I got it. The LCD is larger than my old one, and viewing angle seems to have a lot to do with the weird darkening. I have to play with screen settings, too.
  5. turbo

    turbo 7,366
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    Playing with brightness and contrast help reduce the viewing angle effect, too. Thanks Greg! User error. :redface:
  6. rhody

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    Take a break before you have a meltdown. New systems always come with challenges big and small. Relax and kick back, tomorrow, set up backup schedule from control panel, that is if you have an external backup drive, or one you can reuse from your old system. Before kicking it off, make sure your system is CLEAN or you will bring the problems with it. I am backing up mine now, 2/3rds done.

    Rhody... :smile:
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