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hey all

i am applying for masters aerospace engineering. my undergrad is math. should i include the following on my personal statement: apart from single variable calculus, i completed my math major in 1 year with 3.8. for your information here at pf, i did 2 terms of vector calculus, 1 diff eq, 2 terms linear algebra, 1 pde/fourier analysis, 1 real analysis, 2 proof geo/isometric geo, 1 dds/chaos thoery. (tested out of basic proof, as analysis covered this pre-req)

also, i want to get into grad schools like purdue, maryland, university of washington, university of virginia. is this possible?

overall gpa: 3.8 (same as core, first major math-second major economics)
gre: not yet taken
research: currently vortex collision with buoyant ink in water under university professor
school: university of oregon
non-math courses: electromagnetism, am deciding yes/no for quantum mechanics
specifics: want to study propulsion or aerodynamics (whichever uses most diff eq and vector calc, as i love these subjects)

i really appreciate your help!!!

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no one has any input??
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Hey joshmccraney and welcome to the forums.

What are the specific requirement criteria (and recommended criteria if they exist) do you have for the specific programs you are looking to apply to?

Also you should probably get some indication of how many spots there are, and I'm guessing that it will be paid which means lots of money.

Another question is have you looked at applied mathematics PhD's that have projects related to your areas of interest?

If you can get into a PhD program, chances are you will be funded and this will solve a lot of problems and be something that could suit your needs. You have a high GPA and you are doing research so I really think that if you have such an opportunity, that you should seriously look into it.

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