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Help for Electromagnetism

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    help! I need help with this homework problem.

    --A line of positive charge is formed into a semicircle of radius R=60.0 cm. The charge per unit length along the semicircle is described by the expression [lamb]= [lamb]naught cos [the] . The total charge on the semicircle is 12.0 microcoulombs. Calculate the total force on a charge 3.00 microcoulombs at the center of curvature.--

    The figure shows the semicircle with is center at the origin going from 0 to pi. [the] is the angle formed by dragging R clockwise from the positive y axis.

    the answer in the book is -0.707Nj and I got -0.526N. Can someone please help me figure out how to properly go about solving this problem?
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    I know you're new here and all....

    but shouldn't this go in the homework help section? you might get a better response there.
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