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Help. for ipho

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    i know i am too late. i start my physics olympiad preparation from today.(what to do i know about it today) the first stage is probably 3 months later.give some valuable suggestions. i have completed h c verma and doing university physics and arihants ipho book from today.
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    one more question why the chinese students are winner at physics olympiad so many times. is they learn 10 times faster than others.
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    It seems like you are already doing what you should be doing. Don't worry about the Chinese, just do the best that you can.
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    yeah arihant olympiad is a good book first try reading concepts and do many new model problems as more as possible then i bet you can get it. 60 questions 2 hours is not sufficient so you need to be aware of that model question for section 1 only.For section 2 you need to think for that.
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